Nine months of hell in Meridian court senior apartments in

                                                                                                   Federal Way WA


I moved to Federal Way, WA. thinking and hoping I will be out of the clutches of NCEES, but no, the whole State of WA. has been coaxed to be in cahoots with NCEES. It’s a shame.

 I was welcomed to Federal Way—Meridien Court Apartments with identical experiences encountered in Pullman and Richland, WA.  NCEES has been able to get every institution—Government or private to work for then. The incessant intrusion to my apartment continues unabated. Management of Fairfield Residential (FFR) is in cahoots with NCEES. The latest incident with report number WP41582 happened on 30th of July 2021 when I visited my Private Care Physician. I left the apartment at about 8:00 AM in the morning and returned at about 9:30 AM. I realized that my apartment door has been tampered with. It did not occur to me to investigate well then, but in the morning I decided to verify very well. I realized that There has been an attempted forced entry or forced entry, into my apartment. It was Saturday, the 31st of July 2021 and FFR office is closed. I decided to call the police. I tried a few times on Saturday to no avail. I resumed my call to Federal Way Police Department (FWPD) on Sunday. Finally, I received a call from Lt Michael Coffey. I tried to convince him to come and verify signs of the tampering with my door. He decided not. He told me to take a picture and email it to him, which I did. Nothing has come of it.

   It is unfortunate that Meridian Court Apartment is still operating as a legitimate residential apartment organization. I have been in this apartment since October 2020, and it’s been nothing but hell. I had six weeks concession time.  I set up my rent payment to be automatically taken out of my checking. In January. Two payments were withdrawn from my account. Luckily I was able to detect that by checking my account and stopped the second payment. I do not know but I suspected this action was influenced by NCEES in an attempt to mess with my credit. The same thing was repeated in February. Why? The regional manager had the audacity to tell me that they cannot access my account, so who did? Blatant lie.