Admission of Guilt

                                                        CHAPTER 13

                                                   Admission of Guilt

Just before I left Pullman, Washington, I was able to confront Commander Tennant that he or the PPD were the brain behind the atrocities that I was being subjected to. In other words NCEES has employed the services of the Police to proliferate this clandestine activities. The Pullman Police? It was very hard for me to wrap my head around it. I guess he was taken aback that I confronted him that boldly. I believe the order came down protocol. Chief Jenkins was the head so the order came from him. For the Police to act like tugs breaking into apartments and cars, The Chief has brought his down   his stature down to level of the tugs he has employed to carry on with these bad acts. It is a shame I survived these atrocities for 4 years. When my lease was illegally terminated in May 2019. I decided to get out of the City that was being protected by the KKK or the white supremacist. Nothing short of that! The transition was not the smoothest but I was happy to get out. Was it the best move? Not by a long short. From one devil’s den to another. All these emanated from the fact that I called Mr. Jerry Carter, the then CEO of NCEES a liar because he lied. If you do not want to be called a liar, please do not lie. Mr. Bob Whorton, the compliance and security manager of NCEES is another liar. There are some good white men out there. Four years of my life has been wasted because the white supremacist lied and I called it so. I know they are doing everything in their power to drive me insane. I have seen the worst. The world is in a turmoil because of devils like that. Mr. Jenkins I see your tugs every time I step out of this apartment complex which is also riddled with white supremacists. I was seeing high beam headlights in Pullman and I am seeing the same in Richland. So are tugs following me around town. Is it fair? Stand in my shoes and ask yourself that question. Just like I told Commander Tennant about two and a half years ago if someone will position him or herself strategically in town to shove his or her high beam headlights when I move into a parking lot, wanting to drive me insane, he is wasting his time because I am a better human being than him by far because he is an idiot and I will not worry my head over it.

Just this week a black man was killed by a white police officer for no crime. If you enjoy killing a man because of his race how can you live happily on this planet. Your iniquities will haunt you the rest of your life. Chief Jenkins, when you go home and lay your head on your pillow at night, think

Once again, I saw your picture on the internet and you looked like a distinguished man, but unequivocally you are full of evil. I am being punished all because of exams. This exams council in South Carolina is a private organization and you are using taxpayer’s moneys to carry on with their stupidity. Maybe you should step down and that will repair some of your conscience, just like Commander Tennant did.

Your compadre, Chief John Bruce is another. He had the audacity to send a black and Spanish police officers to come and talk to me about going in for counselling. Just like I told commander Tennant, NCEES is a joke because the then CEO Mr. Jerry Carter told him to encourage me to go and seek counselling. I told him there and then that it is nonsense. Stupid. How can people of your stature stoop so low for so long and carry on with your duties properly? Don’t you have better things to do?