The Harassment Continues Unabated


The Harassment Continues Unabated


Pure Harassment. I have to move again to preserve my peace of mind.

Within a month after moving into my new apartment I realized that it was a wrong move. Of course, it was unbeknown to me. A meeting was organized by management to welcome me and other newcomers to the Vintage Apartments. It was artificially staged to make me feel at home—looking back now. What a bunch of devils? I was not aware of the meeting, but I was called from my apartment to attend.  I obliged. Sharon-- the previous Director wanted me to say something. I felt at home and I expressed that sentiment.

   I was fooled to believe that I was being 100% welcomed into this community. What I came to find out was 100%otherwise. Can human beings be so cruel? Almost every single co-tenant is doing everything to drive me insane. I went through the worst in Pullman. In addition to my being stalked both here in Vintage, there were also a barrage of stalkers in Pullman. Identical situation in Richland. I have survived the horrors in Pullman for 5 years and I am holding my head up high. I am still level-headed.

  Initially, I was overwhelmed in Pullman because of the atrocities I was being subjected to. A liquid was poured on my doorsteps by a worker by the name Blake Nylund from the Pullman Public Works Department (PPWD). ELABORATE.  I scheduled an appointment with Primary Care Provider (PCP) over in Pullman because I started coughing profusely when I went inside the house. It was a Friday and my appointment was on Monday. I mentioned it to Dr. Shyleah Jones as to what has happened on Friday. With some reluctance, I agreed to her suggestion that I should see a counselor. In a nutshell I saw a counselor once a month for about six months. I thought I was being counseled by a human being not knowing I was being counselled by a devil. There was a microphone in the counselling room, so the sessions were being monitored by other counsellors and others outside building. I will elaborate on this later in another chapter

 After six months, I decided to discharge myself. Lu Ann Nelson asked me whether I would like to see a Psychiatrist if I am stressed. Thanks to my stars, I declined. I told her that I don’t get depressed. Unbeknown to me, that would have been the last nail on the coffin to depict me as delusional. What a devil? The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying NCEES, has managed to get in cahoots with every Government body and more in pullman, including medical clinics and counselling centers. SHAME. All because of exams? My co-tenants were even in on what is happening to me. Phil next door apartment 5 was against me. Kevin and his brother Ian in apartment 4 were in on it. Later on, I came to find out that Lynn Shruder in apartment 2 was another.  Unbelievable.


The harassment in Pullman, WA. continues unabated in Richland, WA. My apartment in Richland was entered by an unauthorized person within a week after I moved in. My car was broken into. What is new?

 Well I have to call the police. The Chief of Police dispatched two officers—one officer a Latino and other of Iraq dissent-- officer Santana and counselor Ashalkli respectively.

I asked for a case number which they refused to give me because there was no forced entry. How stupid? Are you kidding me?. I got a case number for every call that I made to the police department in Pullman. I guess Richland Police is more crooked than the PPD. Sargent Henry had the audacity to advise me to see a counselor. He then said later that I should not call the Police if I run into any Other Incident. The police telling me that? That’s  insinuating that my reports were all in my mind. He is an idiot and I know the order came from Chief Bruce.

  It donned on me that I should call Luann Nelson from the Palouse River Counselling for my report from the sessions I had with her. She asked me whether I am having problems in Richland as well. My answer was affirmative. She sent me the report on my second request. I could no believe what her diagnosis were—both the initial and final diagnosis. DELUSIONAL. She is not just STUPID but a DEVIL. I reported it to Molina Health Care –my health Insurance carrier at the time, I reported it to the Washington State Department of Health as well. I instructed her to change it. Luann was vehemently defensive, say I know you are not going to like it but I am not going to change it. Well we shall see. You do not have the credentials to diagnose anyone as delusional. I guess that’s the reason why she wanted me to see a Psychiatrist—DEVIL I gave Luannsome documentsto substantiate my claim that NCEES is hacking into my computer 24/7. I gave her a letter from the then CEO – Mr. Jerry Carter who has since resigned indicating that he is a liar. None of that was exhibited in her report. I requested to talk Mr. Mike Berney about it. This ordeal has taken another turn. Of course, Mike sided with Luann. I am not done with them.