Move From Pullman to Richland


On the 23rd of May, 2018, A friend of mine was bribed to invite me to Spokane to have his car serviced. I was preparing to move so initially I declined because I was expecting my cousin to come to my apartment to pick up things that I was wanting to discard before I move. It was a beautiful day so I called him back and obliged to take the trip with him. Halfway to Spokane he invited me to go to Spokane falls to see a motor bike he wanted to buy. Reluctantly I obliged. We were away from my apartment for six and half hours. At the time I have had ADT alarm system installed in my apartment so-- no worries—I think. When we returned,I rested a little and at about 9:30 PM, I armed the alarm system again and went out to party a little. The following morning, I decided to check my surveillance camera I have installed. The scan disk was missing from the camera. The e-drive in my computer has been removed. Shocked. Pullman Police Department was responsible for this.


 Just before my lease was terminated, I came to find out that Commander Chris Tennant of the Pullman Police Department was the brain behind all my atrocities that I had been and being subjected to. How cruel? He even giggled and smiled with me. He had the audacity to tell me that Jerry Carter of NCEES told him to advise me to go and seek counselling. HE IS A DEVIL Is this normal – when cops get in cahoots with criminals? I have heard about that, but I have not experience it, till now. I have heard about the Mafia and their co-existence with law enforcement. When I confronted Commander Tennant about his involvement in the atrocities that I am being subjected to, he apologized. What a scum bag. He has since retired prematurely. Maybe he was advised to step down before this ordeal escalates to a level that will be detrimental to Chief Jenkins. I intend to stick with it to my demise if that is what takes.