Chapter 10


                                Termination of my Lease in Pullman Wshington.       

My move back to Richland Washington. (The harassment continues unabated. From one Devils Den to another. Identically Hostile Environment and more.)

 My lease to my apartment in Pullman Washington came to be unceremoniously as previously indicated. The apartment complex of 5 apartments was sold to another owner, I have lived in this apartment from December 2008 May 2028. As previously written, I was in good standing when my lease was terminated. I came to find out that the police were responsible for all the atrocities I was being subjected to. What a shame. I was forced to move. I did not challenge the owner. I wanted to move in peace. I decided to move out of town to preserve my sanity. I have lived in Richland Washington before settling in Pullman without any problem, so I decided to move back there.

 If this is what a man must go through to inform an exam council of a mistake they made, we have a serious problem in this world. NCEES is a crooked, dishonest and cowardice organization. They can’t stand the truth. When you have a Police commander who is supposed to protect the residents of the state and not an unscrupulous exams council in South Carolina. Every Government Department in Pullman as well as Richland Washington are in cahoots with NCEES. I have not offended any soul in these two cities. It all boils down to white establishment whether the effect is going to be detrimental to the state of Washington or not. It’s a disgrace to the Engineering world.

  Today is the 24th of April 2020. I woke up this morning thinking of how I am going to characterize you without offending you. I came to the conclusion that I should be honest and do that using plain simple English. You are nothing but a STUPID DEVIL. I don’t know the ramifications of these words are going to be but I am happy I have gathered the courage to do that. No wonder Hitler was a white man. I will elaborate on it as time goes on. I told your former commander that he is a devil and that he should step down he did for his own good. Maybe you should as well. You worse him because the order came down protocol. When you go home and lay your head on the pillow at night, THINK I have been maltreated by a stupid and unscrupulous organization in South Carolina and instead of you serving and protecting me—a resident of the State of Washington, you have launched an onslaught of atrocities on me. Note: Every year since 2014 I have lost an average of $80,000.00. That income would have helped to pay you salary. Have I offended you in anyway? You should realize how stupid you have been. The man who got you all into this—Mr. Jerry Carter, the CEO of NCEES has resigned because I told him to do so. He is an idiot by every stretch of imagination. He does not know how to run an organization like NCEES. NCEES can fool some people sometimes but they can’t fool all the people all the time.   

To sidetrack a little your officer Greg Umbright was the first officer I report  crime to. It was about the City employees and his accomplice collaborating to pour gasoline into my oil thank and also I am being stalked in town. He advised me to take pictures of the cars I suspect were stalking me. I did and gave the license plate numbers to Commander Tennant. Nothing came of them.

Continue later.