Chapter 8


The hacking into my computer and the Removal of word documents pertaining to NCEES.

a)    My complain to IC3.Gov- My first complaint to

b)    I have made several complaints to the ATG office. Most of them will appear in this Book.

 Originally, I suspected all the atrocities I was being subjected to in Pullman were coming directly from NCEES and so I was reporting all the cases to Pullmen Police Department Washington. On the 23rd of May 2091 I came to find out that I was reporting the crime to the criminal. That’s when I confronted Commander Chris Tennant He admitted by apologizing. Several reports were also made to the Attorney General of Washington’s (ATG’s) Office. All the complaints will be iterated here, and it will be Iterated chronologically starting from 5/15/2017. Complaint number is 503954 referencing to most of them.

The following is a letter I wrote to the Attorney General of Washington’s Office. It reiterates some of the heinous crimes I was subjected to.

                                                                    HARASSMENT UNLIMITED FILE # 548871


Lancelot Amoo

1950 Bellerive Drive # 250

Richland, WA 99352.

(909)559-6950                                                     Please Note. New Address.




Honorable Bob Fergusson

Attorney General of Washington

Consumer Protection Division

800 Fifth Avenue, Suite2000 Seattle, WA 98104


Honorable Bob Fergusson,

 On the 13th of April 2019 I called Commander Chris Tennant of the Pullman Police Department to inform him about perception of him regarding the atrocities that I have been subjected to in Pullman. He was @a meeting so I left a message for him. To call me back. He was graceful enough to call me back on the 14th – the following day. I had met with commander Tennant 7 times. I told Commander Tennant that all along t thought I have found refuge in him but after connecting dots I came to find out that he is the brain behind all the atrocities that I have suffered in Pullman WA he asked me about the dots, which I reiterated to him. Once again, he was honest enough to apologize. Commander Tennant apologized but I think that’s not good enough. If the Command of the Police Department in Pullman is in cahoots with NCEES, then I don’t have a chance to bring them to justice.

 I will reiterate some of the most heinous once as follows these are enough to dive any human being insane and Commander Tennant just apologized?

1)      A poisonous liquid was poured on my doorstep by Blake Nylund then a worker for the Pullman Public Works Department (PPWD) headed by Kevin Gardes. For some reason Blake Nylund is not working with PPWD. That day was Friday I started coughing, immediately I walked into my apartment I scheduled an appointment to see my doctor on Monday, the earliest appointment I could get. Diagnosis revealed acute upper respiratory infection. This, because of exams?

2)      On December 18th, 2017, the city street sweeper and his accomplice poured gasoline into my oil compartment to the brim, I refused to drive the car till I changed the oil which was wise because I would have driven a bomb. It was a circumstantial evidence that the city street sweeper was working with co-worker as an accomplice. He was parked in the driveway whiles the thug was breaking into my car and filling the oil tank with gasoline. The street sweeper was masking the noise being made by the thug. Shame

3)     On the 31st of December 2017, diesel was poured into the oil tank of my engine and was filled to the brim. When I changed the oil on the 19th, I did not fill it.

4)     MY car has been killed on several occasions whiles I am driving it. All these are in my files. Now my car is not being killed anymore but another form of harassment has been adopted and that is hacking into the microcomputer of my car intermittently. My car sounds an alarm and the engine light comes on. All these because of exams?

5)     My apartment has been broken into several times. My car has been broken into several times. All because of exams?

Commander Tennant Just an apology is not enough. For a Police Chief to be in cahoots with such an Organized Criminal Institution, is a serious crime. To be honest I have lost respect for Commander Tennant. I am being stalked in town.


            There should be a massive investigation into this exam’s council NCEES. No one should be dragged through such atrocities. I requested to schedule a meeting with Bob Fergusson, but my request was denied because NCEES produced documents that they did not tamper with my results. Please read my BLOG The truth and the facts are there. Thanks.




Lancelot Amoo