Chapter 7

Termination of my residence lease.

I have lived in the same apartment since December 2008 under an original co-tenants of Mr. and Mrs. Blake. I had no problems with them, and they had no problem with me. They sold the apartment to a new owner—I believe his name is Chris and the caretakers of the building was Windermere property mangement. He bought the apartment complex in 2017. In May 2018, there was a notice to all occupants that there will be an inspection on a given date. The inspection was made and on the following day, I got an email that my lease will be terminated at the end of the month of May short unexpected notice.  I knew NCEES was behind this. OK, I will move.

  Out of 5 identical apartments, built the same year, my was the chosen one to be renovated. With all the atrocities that I was being subjected to, in Pullman WA. I decided to move out of town. I have come to realize that my reporting all my incidents to the Pullman Police Department was the wrong move. The Pullman Police was orchestrating and executing these crimes. Reporting the crimes to the PPD was practically reporting the crime to the criminal.

 With all the agony, I decided to move to Richland my former city of residence. WRONG. The baton has been passed on to the Richland Police department. Within days of moving to the to my new apartment at vintage Richland, my apartment was entered without any forced entry. What is new? I reported the case Denny the maintenance guy. His words were call the police. I have heard that before. I called the Police, Officer Schneider was dispatched. He arrived and called me by my first name without my introduction. I was shocked but impressed. He knew about my son—Jonathan. He came into my apartment and went through the procedure to find out if there has been any forced entry. There was none. As a police officer he gave me some advice as to how I can position a camera in my apartment. To catch uninvited intruders. Yeah right. The reason for my call was, that my bedroom door was locked. I did not lock my bedroom door. I close it, but I don’t lock it. I told him about my car being under surveillance 24/7 and the microcomputer in my car being compromised to the point where its killed or stalled. He is totally oblivious of such a thing so, I turned on my computer and searched-- hacking into vehicles microcomputer. Officer Schneider was practically riveted to what he is reading that I couldn’t even break his concentration. He is a policeman and he is not aware of this I have known about this technology about ten years earlier. His job was done he left but that was the beginning of my woes in Richland WA. In the process, I told him I was being subjected to a lot of atrocities in Pullman and I thought my woes are over, Officer Schneider said sarcastically yeah right, your woes are over. Scary. It felt as if he was saying, you “ain’t” seen nothing yet.