Chapter 6


The incessant atrocities that I was subjected to- both Physically and Psychologically. These include “Massive Stalking” around my apartment and in the City of Pullman. Details will be elaborated in this Book.


Hell broke loose after calling Mr. Jerry Carter a liar. Onslaught of the psychological atrocities began. I may not be able to reiterate all—There were to many. I can’t believe human beings can be so cruel because of lies by the CEO of an exam’s council.

These are but what I can remember.

 A poisonous liquid was poured on my doorstep by an employee from the Pullman Public Works Department (PPWD). His name is Blake Nylund. I believe he has been forced to retire with some generous severance pay. I was advised by one of the workers to talk to the Director of PPWD Kevin Gardes. I was advised to talk to Mr. Art Garrow by Mr. Blake Nylund because he is his superintendent. I don’t know how these senior officers of the PPWD got themselves entangled with this unscrupulous exams council in South Carolina. It’s a shame. I tried to get in touch with Mr. Art Garrow. After about four calls, I finally reached him. He said and I quote: “if you think a crime has been committed call the police”. He advised me to talk to Commander Chris Tennant. Ring of criminals. That was the beginning of what I was about to face, and I am still encountering them in Richland Washington.

My car was under surveillance 24/7 because I started entertaining stalkers wherever I go in Pullman. I reported it to the PPD—specifically officer Greg Umbright, who advised me to start taking pictures of the cars I suspect. Eventually I started taking pictures of the cars and the license plates. With a little bit of wisdom, I wrote down the plate numbers. I gave the numbers to Commander Tennant and I told him that the pictures have been removed from phone. He said, that authenticates the fact that they were stalking you. I agreed. These are the Numbers:

 BEY565 VW, AYE1093, AJL2912, AWL9383 Honda, 7NNY854 Subaru, N197595 Dodge. Unbeknown to me he was a member of the Ring--CUNNING and SLEEK – the style of the devil. It was almost after two years when I found out that directly or indirectly Mr. Tennant was one of the brains behind what I am being subjected to. I called him to that, and he said was, I apologize. What a devil? Due to the incessant atrocities I started to get stressed out a little even though I the culprit and the goal. It was Friday when the liquid was poured on my doorstep. I saw my primary care provider and told her about what was going on. She told me I was delusional. She was a member of the ring of devils.


Insert a copy of the letter to Dr Jones.

Reluctantly I decided to go and se a counselor at Palouse River Counseling. Unbeknown to me, Ms. Lu Ann Nelson was also a member of the ring of devils. This is unimaginable. I am right, so I fear no faux. When I am able to recognize the devil, where he/she is coming from and the goals, I am fine.

Well, the CEO of NCEES Mr. Jerry Carter—the idiot who initiated these atrocities has resigned. I don’t know what he is doing now. Commander Tennant of the PPD, who continued to proliferate these clandestine activities has retired – I believe prematurely. Unfortunately I am still being subjected to massive stalking in Richland, WA. where I live now.  


Word documents pertaining to NCEES were removed from my computer specifically an affidavit and demand notice. I reported it to officer Greg Umbright who discouraged me to pursue the incident, so I filed a complaint at Attorney General of Washington’s Office, Consumer Protection Division. My first submission of the form was blocked. I had to print it out and send it by mail. That’s when I got the file # 503954. There has been several other complaints. This is the NCEES. What a disgrace to Engineers and Surveyors.