A Letter from the CEO

Jerry Carter (jcarter@ncees.org)To:you Details
Mr. Amoo:
Sherrie Saunders, who is my Executive Assistant, advised me or your call this morning and your questions concerning why it takes 7 to 10 days to receive the results on the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination.
1) Pearson VUE transmits data from examinations once each week to NCEES. This allows both NCEES and Pearson VUE time to address any irregularities that might have occurred during the course of the administration of the FE. With this process in place, NCEES does not have to retract or modify results once posted to a candidate’s account. This is a common practice for most occupational licensing groups that administer their exams via CBT.
2) I viewed your record and your previous exchanges with NCEES staff members Bob Whorton, PE and Cheryl Warren, PE. I can see from your comments that you were not totally satisfied with the responses received. NCEES has nearly 1,000 Professional Engineers from academia, government, industry and private practice who represent all the disciplines of engineering for which NCEES offers an exam. The PEs are responsible for designing and maintaining the exams and ensuring their relevancy. NCEES also employs psychometricians to assist the exam committees in developing exams that are fair, non-discriminating and which test for minimum competence.
3) I applaud your efforts to obtain licensure as a PE and wish you luck in your continued efforts!
Jerry Carter
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Analysis of the Paragraghs Above.


It became apparent that after I have been able to catch NCEES cheating me on the exams, a flood gates of atrocities were opened on me These include braking into my apartment in Pullman rampantly, the same about breaking into my car, killing my car in traffic, remotely inducing leakage of all kinds from my car, My mails were being intercepted, my laptop was being hacked into 24/7 as well as my phone, I am being stalked 24/7 and more. Who said there is no racism in America? All along I thought these atrocities were being performed by thugs from NCEES till I found out otherwise. On 3/29/2017, I could not open my car door because it has been locked remotely. I was able to get in by opening the trunk which opens all the doors. Lucky.


On 04/01/2017, I drove to Rite Aid in Pullman from my apartment at 165 SW Spruce St. On my return, I realized that my car has lost power considerably. I coasted down on Grand Ave. to Blain which was a steep hill. My car could not go up the hill. It donned on me that the microcomputer in my BMW 740iL has been compromised. Luckily, I had read about it about 5 to ten years earlier. Now this was becoming overwhelming. This exams council is very crooked I thought. I was able to reset the microcomputer and drove home safely. I sought counseling for some time. After I have given all the necessary documents to the counselor, I decided to stop. I can talk to friends or family members get the same effect. Thanks to my conscience, unbeknown to me this counselor was a devil. Had I known I would not have been there. The ills of racism.


I reported it to the local police. Wrong! Will be elaborated. On 8/5/2017, I was travelling on highway 18 from Tacoma North Bend when my car was remotely stalled. From 65 MPH to crawl. That’s assault with a deadly weapon. Is this organization the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying or the MAFIA? From 10/30/2017 to 10/30/2017 remotely induced oil leakage was started on my car. Officer Don Herroff was dispatched when I reported the case to the Pullman WA Police. Case # 17-P11641. On Monday 3/17/2017, my phone was completely disabled for the whole day with power plugged in. They decided to allow me to use it after 7:30 PM. My computer was crashed when I tried to restore it to factory default. I had to take it into Palouse computer repair. I lost $80.00 and later another $40.00. On 3/25/2017 I was travelling from Pullman. I stopped by Walmart in Moscow and om return I realized That my car’s computer has been compromised again. I reported it to the Pullman Police on my return. Consistently I was being told by Commander Tennant to take it in for diagnosis. I know there is nothing wrong with my car. Why should I take it in to be charged $144.00 and run into the same problem 2 minutes after I drive out of the service station? I am not that stupid particularly when I am on a budget. Commander Chris Tenant was the brain behind all these atrocities if not Chief Jenkins.


 All these time I have meeting with Commander Tennant— a total of about 7 times. During one of our meetings I asked Mr. Tennant whether he is racist. His answer was, I have my biases. The answer is clear. On another occasion, Commander Tennant told me that Mr. Jerry Carter the then CEO of NCEES told him to encourage me to go and seek counselling. I told him there and then that’s NONSENSE and that NCEES is a joke. NCEES is a joke.


On 3/11/2018, I went to Walmart to do some grocery shopping and on my return my combination padlock has been tempered with. I di not call the Police because there was no indication of entry. These incessant harassment was just to drive me insane. NO GUYS—YOU CAN’T DRIVE ME INSANE.


 On another occasion, I told commander Tennant I have not offended a single soul in Pullman and he agreed with me. So why these harassments. I don’t know, he said. Is this the result of catching an exam council cheating you? Shame.


  I believe the last straw that will break the camel’s back was the termination of my apartment lease. After living in my apartment for ten years, the new owner who purchased the apartment decided to terminate my lease. Out of 5 apartments, mine was the only lease to be terminated. NCEES or the Pullman Police was the impetus behind it. Identical apartments, built the same year? How cruel can some white folks be. I did not fight it.


Hell broke loose after calling Mr. Jerry Carter a liar. Onslaught of the psychological atrocities began. I may not be able to reiterate all—There were to many. I can’t believe human beings can be so cruel because of lies by the CEO of an exams council.

These are but what I can remember.

 A poisonous liquid was poured on my doorstep by an employee from the Pullman Public  Works Department (PPWD). His name is Blake Nylund. I believe he has been forced to retire with some generous severance pay. I was advised by one of the workers to talk to the Director of PPWD Kevin Gardes. I was advised to talk to Mr. Art Garrow by Mr. Blake Nylund because he is his superintendent. I don’t know how these senior officers of the PPWD got themselves entangled with this unscrupulous exams council in South Carolina. It’s a shame. I tried to get in touch with Mr. Art Garrow. After about four calls, I finally reached him. He said and I quote: “if you think a crime has been committed call the police. He advised me to talk to Commander Chris Tennant. Ring of criminals. That was the beginning of what I was about to face, and I am still encountering them in Richland Washington.

My car was under surveillance 24/7 because I started entertaining stalkers wherever I go in Pullman. I reported it to the PPD—specifically officer Greg Umbright, who advised me to start taking pictures of the cars I suspect. Eventually I started taking pictures of the cars and the license plates. With a little bit of wisdom I wrote down the plate numbers. I gave the numbers to Commander Tennant and I told him that the pictures have been removed from phone. He said, that authenticates the fact that they were stalking you. I agreed. These are the Numbers:

 BEY565 VW, AYE1093, AJL2912, AWL9383 Honda, 7NNY854 Subaru, N197595 Dodge. Unbeknown to me he was a member of the Ring--CUNNING and SLEEK – the style of the devil. It was almost after two years when I found out that directly or indirectly Mr. Tennant was on of the brains behind what I am being subjected to. I called him to that and he said was, I apologize. What a devil.