When adversity looks at me in the face, my resilience, tenacity and perseverance kicks in. I took the test 5 times till I realized that something fishy is seriously going on. I decided to stop and find out the reason I am not being successful. How am I going to do that? The only plausible way is to find out from a successful candidate. NCEES has been able to install all kinds of mechanisms out there that will prevent any candidate from recognizing that he has been “screwed”. If you fail you are given a chart which depicts the areas of your inadequacies if you pass, you receive your results as passed

Luckily for me I was able to find a friend who passed. I invited him to my place just to interact with him to find out why and what he did right, and I have been doing wrong That move explained everything. This young man is devoid of the knowledge worthy of passing the Engineer- In-Training (E-I-T) test. The worse of it all, he did not take the approved calculator to the exams room he said. NOTE: Einstein or Sir Isaac Newton will not pass the test without the approved calculator. I showed him one of the questions that I had, and he was surprised that I was given that question. Now the reason for my failure on all the exams has been exposed and I am totally exonerated. I was failed 6 out of 7 times. WHY?