Jan. 29, 2019

The aftermaths after my complaints to ATG WA Consumer Protection Division

As of recently my car is being killed incessantly again after I decided to initiate a lawsuit against NCEES, I will reiterate some of the atrocities I have suffered since my complaints.
It’s unfortunate that we should have an exam council like National Council of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors/NCEES like we have today, sole responsible for licensing Engineers and Surveyors in in this country – USA and Canada.
Since my complaints to the Attorney General of Washington’s Office/Consumer protection Division I have been met with all kind of atrocities which I will reiterate below. This Exam Council is so meticulous at designing these atrocities and enormities that it is very difficult to prove most of them Since I don’t have any animus relationship with any other entity or an individual all I can say is, I suspect NCEES as the culprit. Of late though there have been some incidents which have circumstantial evidences. No individual should be dragged through these atrocities when he has been victimized by this organization.
Reference can be made to File # 503954, but this is an Isolated case because it involves United States Postal Service /USPS which I believe is a Federal Crime. I have reported the incidents to Commander Chris Tennant of the Pullman, WA. Police Department. It’s about interception of Certified Mail Receipts pertaining to NCEES. As far as I can suspect there have been some collusion between the Post Master of Pullman, WA or the Post Master in Seneca, SC. and NCEES. To me it leads to obstruction of Justice. Why should these receipts vanish into a thin air?

Most recent anomaly:
Two certified mail receipts that I paid for vanished into a thin air.
Certified mail tracking 1) 70181130000171017628
2) 70173040000055197760
I will like to open a new case against the Pullman Postal Office and/or Seneca SC Post Office for this.

Iteration of Atrocities on me
Since my first complaints These are the atrocities that I have been dragged through.
1) The original complaints were my exams were “rigged” and the results were tampered with.
2) Word documents were removed from my computer. Investigations can prove these

3) Poisonous Liquid was poured on my apartment Doorstep.

4) Gasoline was poured into my Cars engine compartment. Diesel was poured into my engine compartment. My car’s doors were remotely locked and more. There are circumstantial evidence for #s 3 and 4.

5) My car was killed on several occasions at some time. It stopped after I complained to ATG WA Office. Recently I have had a few incidents of that.

6) My apartment as well as my car has been broken into a few times. Case #s are at the Pullman, WA. Police Department. These crimes are being committed with impunity.

7) My computer is being hacked into 24/7.

8) I am being stalked in town 24/7

9) Last but not the least stalkers are positioning themselves strategically to shove a high beam headlights in my face whenever I come out of any building 24/7.

10) It’s a shame we have an exam council of this caliber.

If possible, I will like to set up an appointment to speak to Attorney General Bob Fergusson. I will call to see if I can get the privilege to talk to him about NCEES