The National Council of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors (AKA) NCEES


The National Council of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors (AKA) NCEES is the only Examiners Council responsible for Licensing Engineers and Surveyors in the United States and Canada. Before taking the Professional Engineering (PE) exam for your license you have to take the Engineer-IN-Training (EIT) exam which qualifies you to take the (PE) Exam.  I became extremely suspicious after my third exam which took place on 10/01/2016. It took NCEES about 27 days to release my results. Meanwhile every executive officer I talked to has lied to me. An example is Mr. Jerry Carter the (CEO) NCEES.

1)   After my 3rd test on 10/1/2014 it took NCEES close to 27 days to release my results. I believe that this has never happened before and has never happened since the inception of the Computer Base Exam (CBT).

2)    An extract from Jerry Carters the CEO’s E-mail to me dated Dec 1 2015 at 7:49 AM is below.

“The data for exams is transmitted on a weekly basis by Pearson VUE to NCEES.”

  That’s a blatant lie! because that’s contrary to what about 3 supervisors from Pearson Vue told me. Results are transmitted to NCEES within 24 hours or better more right after the completion of the exam

3)   In 2014 I was given a question which called a particular formula -  namely DELTA to WYE Transformation formula and the formula was absent. I think it was deliberately orchestrated, thinking that I will not be able to detect the absence of the formula. I did detect that and even after I have called their attention to it in April, I was spited with a Zero (0) in power on my 05/01/2014 exam. I am sorry but out of the 18 subjects power engineering is one of my best areas because that’s my discipline at Cal Poly State University, Pomona, CA.  


4)     I was given the same DELTA to WYE question again on 08/27/2015. They said the formula was present in the Hand-Book on page 203. No -  Dr. Warren you cannot use the formula on page 203 to solve the problem. She wrote and I quote.


5)    Mr Amoo - 

“I worked through the delta-wye conversion question myself then reached out to our FE E&C Committee for input.  Their response is as follows:

The equation for going from delta to wye is on page 203 of the reference manual Z sub delta = 3 Z sub y

This is for the general case of a complex impedance Z.  In the given problem, the impedance is real (no imaginary part) because the load is purely resistive. The rest of the problem is solved by calculating the equivalent resistance for two resistors (of the same value) in parallel.”

Cheryl C. Warren, Ph.D.  P.E.
Exam Development Engineer


Dr. Warren:

 I should be extremely grateful if you will be able to show me how you were able to solve the problem on my last exam which called for the DELTA to WYE transformation formula. You can also call on the Electrical and Computer (E&C) Engineering Committee to solve the problem without the formula in question. The question is equivalent to example 47-2 in the FE/EIT Reference Manual. If not identical, it is equivalent - as far as I can recall.
 Your citing of the impedance as purely resistive because there is no imaginary part (reactive impedance) is the issue of discussion unless that's part of the question.

Cheryl Warren (NCEES) — 8 hours ago

Mr. Amoo - 

To maintain exam security, we do not release solutions to exam problems.

Cheryl C. Warren, Ph.D.  P.E.
Exam Development Engineer

Dr. Warren: That’s a flimsy excuse and another blatant lie!

Lancelot Amoo.

  In addition to the above, I believe strongly I have been given questions that no other examinees have had from 10/01/2014, none of my results are authentic- a good example is my MAY 2014 exam when I was spited with a zero in power. I will try to make sure that a massive investigation is launched into NCEES’s operation. And I believe something is going to hit the fan soon. All the others who have been screwed will come out. I will be the trail-blazer to expose the iniquities of this Exams Council.


Lancelot Amoo.