Dear Mr Zuckerberg:

 Recently I purchased an AD on Facebook which was published and unpublished 19 hours later, on the premises that there was an unusual activity about my AD. I was shocked. I had a couple of correspondences with Mr. Sterling over at Facebook Risk Management Department and was not very happy with his explanation. I informed him that I will rather go through the chain of command to you. I was highly humbled happy to see your face on my Facebook.  To make a long story short, I should be grateful if you will visit my Blog at and read a compressed version of how I have been treated by NCEES. If anything in there is wrong, they can come after me directly.  I want NCEES to compensate for the harm they have caused me financially and psychologically. I have already informed them about what the compensation. should be. If they act accordingly I will relent. Thank you.

Lancelot Amoo